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Updated: Jan 16

If we were to name one wish that is mutual among everyone we know, it definitely will be the ability to stay nice and beautiful for as long as they can. Mindfully, this isn’t a factor that is exclusively related to women. All genders want to be nice and beautiful, and there are some rules of thumb they need to follow in order to make their wish true. In this article, we will talk about some of such rules, that not only guarantee you looking beautiful, but also nice. Your sleep pattern has a very strong effect on how you look. Ideally, you should sleep for at least eight hours, without any distractions. This helps in boosting your energy levels, decreasing your stress levels, and keeping your weight in check. Also, this prevents any unnecessary eye bags or under-eye circles from forming. So, the first tip we have in store for you is to sleep on time and make sure your surroundings are comfortable for you while you sleep. Secondly, adopt healthy eating habits. A cheat day, with your favorite junk food, is fine once in a while, but don’t make a habit out of it. Try to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in your diet and stay away from processed and packaged foods. Make a routine for yourself, and if you have a busy schedule, try meal planning for an entire week and cook and store all your meals over the weekend. Similarly, switch unhealthy snacks such as chips with healthy snacks such as apples with hummus or similar. Once you have your sleep and diet sorted, it is time for you to concentrate on your skin and hair. Observe your skin and hair carefully, as they are the ones that actually tell you what they need. Make a skincare routine and stick by it. Use a sunscreen before stepping out, even if there is no sun to be seen. Do this all year round without any gaps. Similarly, take off all your makeup at night and cleanse thoroughly. For your hair, use hair masks and oil them regularly, and don’t use excessive heat on them. If you get your hair colored, make sure to use products that do not damage your hair any further and are exclusively made for color dyed hair. If all of these seem a little overwhelming for you, start small. But, at least start somewhere. Perhaps the easiest step you can stick by is to hydrate yourself. You need to understand that your body is made up of 75% water. So, you need to make sure it never gets dehydrated. Ideally, you should be drinking eight glasses (or two liters) of water per day. This should not be evenly divided over the day, as you should drink more towards the morning and lesser towards the night, so you do not interrupt your sleep with constant trips to the toilet. Perhaps the one thing that can make you nice and beautiful with no effort at all is to be yourself at all times and to accept yourself as you are. Let your inner self shine by smiling and laughing as much as you can, enjoying your life with your loved ones, making and preserving priceless memories, and celebrating every little success of your life with all your heart. Being nice and beautiful is a dream everyone has. Everyone wants to feel good and look good. While on one hand, you can look good by using different products available in the market, you can feel good only by yourself. So accept yourself as you are, and only work on the aspects you can change. For the things that seem impossible to change, stop stressing about them, as life always manages to find a way for everything itself, and no amount of stress can help it.

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